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Four Aces within Reach

Summer Holidays in Ötztal stand for an exciting play with two Cards. The ultimate ÖTZTAL PREMIUM CARD is yours and for free from the second vacation day in one of Ötztal’s 300 Partner Lodgings. And if you don’t stay at one of the partner accommodations you can purchase the inexpensive ÖTZTAL CARD. One thing is for sure: Fantastic holidays await you at the Peak of Tirol!

Blick auf Oetz - Ötztal Premium Card
Ötztal’s homely Holiday Villages are always an excellent choice.
© Bernd Ritschel / Ötztal Tourismus

Reading the Cards is on top of the list

Forget the hustle and bustle of city life and head for summer activity holidays! Let’s check-in at one of Ötztal’s holiday resorts. Our hosts have already shuffled the Cards and we are getting curious about it. On our check-in we already receive one ÖTZTAL PREMIUM CARD per person plus a more detailed information folder.

Reading when you are on holiday? Nothing better than that. Mum and grandma decide about the rooms – while men and kids unpack the luggage – and start reading accurately all the information material.

Secret whispers and nods, then the whole family meets on the round table. “You lucky men, we have already checked out the valley’s highlights and attractions and we will guide you into a prospering future full of unforgettable holiday moments!”

Ace of Hearts for sustainable transport

We already feel at home in our lovely hotel, soon we are ready for the first adventure. Grandpa takes the car keys impatiently. “No way,” grandma says. “We leave the car here until we check-out. It’s much wiser and eco-friendlier to use the public transport lines within the entire Ötztal Valley – they are included in this magic Card!”

“And can we even fly with this Card?” asks the youngest grandson always in search of new wonders. Fortunately mum has the right explanation for everyone: “Flying won’t be included. But we can take a daily panorama ride – uphill and downhill – with one of Ötztal’s summer mountain lifts.”

Gaislachkoglbahn im Sommer - Ötztal Premium Card
Floating high up in the sky with the valley’s superb Mountain Lifts.
© Christoph Schöch / Ötztal Tourismus

And what’s more: Card holders enjoy unlimited use of all public bus lines in Ötztal for free – even up to the Glaciers or Timmelsjoch Pass. And if the little legs are getting tired or if the grandparents need a rest, countless mountain gondolas or hiking shuttle buses take you back to the starting point. On request, also special hut taxis are available at reduced rates. Really good news for all ages. Now also grandpa is prepared to leave the car key at the reception desk.

Ace of Clubs – Adventures Galore

Ötztaler Fun- und Erlebnispark - Ötztal Premium Card
It’s all higgledy-piggledy at the magnificent Ötztal Adventure Playgrounds. © Christoph Schöch / Ötztal Tourismus

Many explorers, many different ideas: It’s not that easy to combine all preferences and activities on the must-do list! Especially when it comes to thrilling adventures and outdoor fun. Luckily there is something for all tastes in Ötztal, ranging from eternal ice and three thousand meter high summits to sunny swimming lakes and cultural highlights.

Of course, we try as many attractions as possible. While the grandparents relax in Tirol’s biggest thermal spa center – Aqua Dome in Längenfeld – the youngest ones can romp around at Ötztal’s Fun & Adventure Park in Längenfeld’s hamlet of Huben. And the parents relax over a cup of wonderful coffee. Dad gives mountain biking a try. Mum takes the hiking shuttle from Sölden towards high Alpine Windachtal, a scenic side valley and starting point of countless walks and hiking tours. She returns to the hotel with the hikers’ shuttle bus.

We spend a great summer day together at AREA 47, one of Europe’s biggest Outdoor Adventure Playgrounds. And a bus ride up to the Glacier Ice is as well an absolute must.

Ötzi Dorf - Ötztal Premium Card
Traveling back in time to the World of the Iceman is possible at the magical Ötzi Village.
© Christoph Schöch / Ötztal Tourismus

Ace of Diamonds stands for culture

We are a quite restless, big family. We are sporty and looking for new adventures all the time. We are thirsty for knowledge. Both children and adults. Especially our female experts in Card and Map reading.

Open sesame is the order of the day! “Is Ötzi a native Tirolean? And DJ Ötzi as well?” asks our son. Of course. Ötzi gave the name to the DJ. And Ötzi himself is named after his finding place in the Ötztal Glaciers – in close vicinity to South Tyrol’s Hauslabjoch. He is the oldest prehistoric glacier mummy found in the Alpine Region, dating back to the Neolithic period. Even 25 years after this sensational discovery, research experts still aren’t able to answer all questions.

The Ötzi Village in Umhausen gives an insight into many scientific details about everyday life of Ötzi – The Iceman. Entertaining workshops are held for children where they get to know everything about prehistoric baking, weaving, building, farming and making tattoos!

Right next door, another unrivaled attraction is waiting for young and old at the Birds of Prey Park where daily bird shows are scheduled. Grandpa states: “It’s hardly surprising that the eagle is Tirol’s heraldic animal, such a proud bird!” His granddaughter comments: “My Tirolean souvenir pet will be the snow owl. Sooo sweet!” But there are many more places to visit like Europe’s highest Motorcycle Museum on the Timmelsjoch Pass Road or Alpine paintings and drawings of Ötztal landscapes exhibited at the Museum in the Tower of Oetz. The magic holiday Card comprises much too many highlights for a single holiday.

Ace of Spades promises prime nature exploration!

The last and maybe most important ace is Ötztal’s unrivaled Alpine landscape of awesome natural beauty. Some people prefer conquering Wildspitze peak or crossing glacier crevasses, horizontal canyoning, vertical climbing, white water kayaking or single trail downhill biking…

… But all of us are also in search of peace and quiet, at least sometimes. We want to soak up the strength, energy and silence of the Alps. Because we need the mountains. Because we love them. Nature welcomes us with open arms, no matter which type of holiday maker we are. In addition to many attractions already included, there are also varied bonus partners within Ötztal, granting generous discounts.

Kind beim Schaukeln - Ötztal Premium Card
Swinging towards new heights right into the crystal-clear air of the Ötztal Mountains!
© Klaus Andorfer / Ötztal Tourismus

Everyone can take full advantage of these discounts, be it a silent walking fan at the heart of the Ötztal Nature Park or an adrenalin junkie looking for Alpine adventures. All the family can choose from myriad activities and attractions suitable for the most varied family members.

Gastfreundschaft auf der Bielefelder Hütte - Ötztal Premium Card
Culinary treats served by countless Ötztal hosts and inn keepers!
© Bernd Ritschel / Ötztal Tourismus

The Joker: genuine hospitality

You will soon find out that Ötztal locals are really cool guys. Maybe they don’t wear their heart on their sleeve but they truly love their beautiful valley. And they do their best to further improve the attractive range of offers.

This is also one of the secrets of success for the unparalleled ÖTZTAL PREMIUM CARD and ÖTZTAL CARD. You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend. The friendly hosts and hotel owners will fulfill almost every wish at the Peak of Tirol.


  • All details about the ÖTZTAL PREMIUM CARD and the ÖTZTAL CARD incl. partner businesses and services included are available HERE.
  • The ÖTZTAL CARD can be purchased for 3, 7 or 10 days. Adults pay Euro 54.00, Euro 76.00 or Euro 96.50. Children up to 7 years are free of charge. Older kids up to 15 years pay only half-price. Selling points: all Ötztal Tourismus Information Offices

Here you can buy the ÖTZTAL CARD:

  • Ötztal Tourismus, Infopoint Ambach 26, 6433 Oetz
  • Ötztal Tourismus, Information Oetz Hauptstraße 66, 6433 Oetz
  • Ötztal Tourismus, Information Ochsengarten Ochsengarten, 6433 Ochsengarten
  • Ötztal Tourismus, Information Umhausen/Niederthai Dorf 24, 6441 Umhausen
  • Ötztal Tourismus, Information Längenfeld Unterlängenfeld 81, 6444 Längenfeld
  • Ötztal Tourismus, Information Gries Gries 34, 6444 Längenfeld
  • Ötztal Tourismus, Information Sölden Gemeindestraße 4, 6450 Sölden
  • Ötztal Tourismus, Informationsbüro Obergurgl – Hochgurgl Gurglerstraße 118, 6456 Obergurgl
  • Ötztal Tourismus, Informationsbüro Vent Venterstraße 35, 6458 Vent


  • Some services and offers included in the ÖTZTAL PREMIUM CARD can vary compared to the ÖTZTAL CARD which can be purchased.
  • A few offers are valid only on certain days.
  • Some services have time or other restrictions.
  • Certain offers start or end earlier/later due to a season’s start or season’s end dates different from the officially defined validity period of both cards.
  • If you have found your favorite attraction we strongly recommend to check current opening times online (homepage of respective service provider).


You want to know more about all highlights included in the ÖTZTAL PREMIUM CARD and ÖTZTAL CARD? Then don’t wait any longer and take a look at the new ÖTZTAL MAGAZINE – Summer 2017! This print magazine contains the most interesting and entertaining stories about Ötztal’s spring, summer and autumn season. Available in German, English and Dutch at all Ötztal Tourismus Information Offices. Order a free copy or read the online version at


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