Family Day at the Widiversum

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all … fun-packed playgrounds in the country? My answer is undoubtedly: the WIDIVERSUM!

Here children’s fairytale dreams come true. WIDIVERSUM, encircled by the majestic Alpine scenery and a picture-book mountain lake, makes a true paradise for young explorers.

Get ready for the WIDIVERSUM mission

Our destination is only a couple of meters away from the mountain gondola’s top station. Admission is free – what a pleasant surprise.

My kids started exploring the area from the minute they arrived, searching for giant letters and secret codes in order to solve the riddle.

Quiz and fun amidst the scenic mountains

There is a total number of 17 activity stations spread around the mountain lake, 7 of them hide secret letters. All stations are designed with much love to the detail and in close touch with nature, made to measure for adventure-thirsty children of all ages.

Erik is totally taken by the giant marble run and plays there for almost an hour. What’s best, every child is allowed to take back home one marble as a souvenir of the WIDIVERSUM.


Splish-splash station

The weather was nice and warm with loads of sunshine. That’s why we were looking for some refreshing moments at the water playground in the WIDIVERSUM, just perfect on such a hot day.

We enjoy a fun-filled round on the splish-splash pond raft, my little son loves to splash the other children with the giant water gun.

A short rest stop offering superb views

Afterwards we explore the enchanted ravine, the woolen play forest and the marvelous WIDI slide: climbing, sliding, balancing, searching for secret codes is the order of the day. The kids really enjoy it.

So much fun and action also require a short break amid nature. The Hochoetz panorama restaurant offers a special “sky & cloud table” with breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Relaxation At 2020 Meters

Look, over there! My little adventurer is climbing the jackdaw nest. To be honest, I wanted to enjoy a short rest stop myself by taking a deep breath of fresh mountain air.

Learning in a playful way

Little Erik plays cheerfully with the other children on the huge molehill for a while, and I love watching him.

Behind the molehill there is another great surprise – a hiking trail for children interested in Alpine animals. Each animal carries a name plate and a short informative description. That’s a really wonderful idea as the children have the chance to learn so many new things in a playful way, including interesting facts on the Alpine region.

We Will Come Back For Sure

The day at the WIDIVERSUM comes to an end. The riddle is already solved: we helped WIDI to find the Magic Crystal and to beat the big bad wolf. But Erik still wants to stay here – so we go back to the water playground before we take the Acherkogel mountain gondola down to the valley again.

It was such a memorable day. Erik will remember it forever and can show his personal WIDIVERSUM trail map to his friends. WIDI promises loads of action-filled adventures.

This unrivaled paradise for families makes a perfect full-day outing destination for all ages and preferences, be it hiking, playing with the kids or simply enjoying a day amid unspoilt nature.

Guest Author:

Lisa,  MamaKreativ blogger

Her MamaKreativ blog centers on Lisa’s everyday life as a mother of two children, providing the community also with crafts ideas for kids, and many other tips and tricks. Easy as a pie!

She likes exploring nature together with her children. That’s also why she loves the Ötztal and – most of all – the WIDIVERSUM that ranks among the favorites of her little son Erik.

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