Great water fun: 8 ultimate diving spots for young fans of the wet element

At a mountain lake or in the outdoor pool, at an adventure bath or in the forest swimming pool, at the thermal spa center or in the indoor pool: in Ötztal young summiteers can reach one of the ultimate water and swimming hot spots in no time.

1. Fairytale waters at Lake Piburger See

Ruderboot am Piburger See - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
Natural jewel amid idyllic forest: lake Piburger See © Christoph Schöch / Ötztal Tourismus

As legend has it, a dragon once lived at the bottom of lake Piburger See. Sometimes he crawled out of his hiding place and went down to the creek. Why do people know that? Because the dragon’s venomous breath colored the path in red. Today young walkers no longer fear the dragon: when the area around lake Piburger See is shining all in red it’s just flowers or umbrellas from the lakeside beach. The little ones don’t scream because of mythical animals – the sun tickles so wonderfully and you can do the crawl in turquoise blue water to the floating island in the middle of the lake. A scenic alternative: gliding across the lake in a rowing boat! Lake Piburger See at 900 m above sea level is not only one of Tirol’s highest swimming lakes but it is also the warmest, although encircled by majestic mountains. As the nearby peaks, especially Acherkogel, are reflected in the clear water, lake Piburger See is also called the “mirror of the mountains”.

2. A thrill of excitement at the Oetz Outdoor Pool

Erlebnisschwimmbad Oetz Überblick - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
A paradise for bathing belles: Oetz outdoor adventure pool © Jasmin Kreulitsch

It’s only a short drive from lake Piburger See to the adventure swimming pool in Oetz. Endless water adventures are scheduled for all the family at the edge of the forest, below the colorful gondolas of the Acherkogel mountain lift. Among the highlights ranks the 50 meter long waterslide where all swimming fans are shouting “Hui!” unanimously when they splash into the pool. But wait, what’s going on over there? “Yeah, that tickles my head so nicely!” A water-spitting mushroom, a crazy air bubble and hissing fountains make sure that nobody stays dry.

3. Natural environs at the Umhausen Swimming Lake

Badesee Umhausen - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
Eco-friendly swimming fun: Umhausen swimming lake © Jasmin Kreulitsch

Umhausen boasts several Places of Elemental Energy, two of them can be found right next to each other. At the Ötzi Village outdoor museum you dive into the sunken world of the Stone Age and afterwards you jump right into pure drinking water at Umhausen’s swimming lake, an artificially created natural bathing lake. Excitement and adrenalin are in the air: “I’m going to try the diving tower!” – “I prefer swimming to the island!” – “Let’s go, I’m off now on the kids’ raft!” For parents there are also more quiet primeval waters: the reconstructed Kneipp Area at Bischoffsplatz, for example.

4. Leisurely splish-splash in the Haiming Forest Pool

Waldbad Haiming - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
Perfect shade also on hot days: Haiming forest pool © Waldbad Haiming

The marvelous Haiming forest pool is a true oasis of peace. Under the huge deciduous and coniferous trees you feel enchanted like in a fairytale forest. A great advantage for all types and generations of swimming fans: children, non-swimmers and swimmers have separate pools here. And all those who need a break simply enjoy a short nap in the shady forest area. “But first I’ll get some ice cream from the kiosk!”

5. Speedy water slide at the Längenfeld Outdoor Pool

Freibad Längenfeld - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
Water fun followed by ice cream: bistro at Längenfeld’s outdoor pool © Bistro Schwimmbad Längenfeld

The classic question of your kids at the swimming pool? Of course, the Längenfeld outdoor pool has many positive answers like “Ice lolly” – for example. The scenic swimming pool nestles right amidst meadows at the entrance to the village, and it’s perfectly shaded by the huge green treetops. Also Längenfeld features a magnificent water slide where you will hear yells on the way down.

6. Freizeit Arena Sölden in all weather

Freizeit Arena Sölden - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
Swimming fun in sunshine or rain: Freizeit Arena Sölden © Anton Klocker / Freizeit Arena Sölden

When the water comes from above you can still enjoy fun-filled swimming hours. Rain is an old killjoy? Ha, not here! Even in bad weather you ride on a perfect wave! At the ultimate Freizeit Arena Sölden you can even hear a soft sigh every now and then and the question: “But where should I start with all these offers?” Maybe I try the whitewater channel first, then the rock grotto, the wide waterslide, the bubbling water-jet floor and the massage-jet beds.

7. From a frog’s perspective at the AQUA DOME

Reifenrutsche im Aqua Dome - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
Splish-splash guaranteed for kids: Noah’s Alpine Ark at the AQUA DOME © Aqua Dome

Hooray, the new kids area with the lovely AQUAKI frog mascot is really cool! Who will test the tire slide with timekeeping and cool daylight effects or the funnel slide with sound and LED show? And has the sun come out? Then you should definitely head for the new Water Fun Park with varied splash and water game attractions! At the indoor swimming bath the youngest guests explore Noah’s Alpine Noah featuring two big swimming pools on the deck of a ship while the parents treat themselves to a couple of wonderful spa hours. Who dares to climb the giant slide, who is scrambling in the “Kletterkitz” play room, and who is doing crafts in the creative “Kuckucksnest”? Don’t worry, an expert team takes care of all young water fans free of charge – all day long.

8. Action in the AREA 47

Area 47 Überblick - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
Action for adventurers of all ages: AREA 47 © Rudi Wyhlidal / AREA 47

The AREA 47 provides you with the last portion of unlimited adventure. Heaps of outdoor action and plenty of water await you on more than 6.5 hectares, nestling at the fork-off to Inntal and Ötztal. Although most of the really thrilling attractions are only accessible to teenagers (over 14 years) also the youngest water aficionados can swim, dive and romp around to their heart’s content in the Water Area – including river rafting for kids. Mini captains conquer the waves of the river Inn, knowing exactly how wonderful Ötztal’s wild waters can swirl.


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(Cover image: © Christoph Schöch / Ötztal Tourismus)


  • Always keep an eye on your children, even swimming pool attendants don’t see everything.
  • Toddlers under the age of three should never be alone close to the water or in the water.
  • Water wings should have the correct fit and size, two separate air chambers and an official TÜV / GS quality seal. However, the attention of parents cannot be replaced by swimming aids.
  • Don’t let your kids jump into the water if they are overheated as their body needs some acclimatization time. Take a shower first or go into the water slowly.
  • Please take your children out of the water immediately during thunderstorms.
  • When swimming in a lake, keep an eye on the distance to the lakeshore. You need enough stamina for the way back.
  • Never jump into cloudy or unknown waters and pay attention to danger or prohibition signs in surrounding water areas.
Gastautorin Jasmin Kreulitsch - Badeseen und Schwimmbäder Ötztal
© Jasmin Kreulitsch

Guest Author Jasmin Kreulitsch

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