Fully charged: An E-Biking Day

At the push of a button – as if by magic – the mountain bike starts to move. Although I still don’t sit on it! But don’t worry, the bicycle is neither haunted by ghost nor driven by a hamster, right? I don’t have “animal support” but loads of electric power. And you can just rely on it: I would like to share my impressions of my very first E-bike experience …

Mit dem E-Bike auf der Kleble Alm - E-Bike Ötztal
© Lukas Ennemoser / Ötztal Tourismus

Quick and easy “introduction”

We rent our E-bikes at one of the sport shops in Sölden. My workmate Manuela joins us, she is a passionate downhill biker and knows the Bike Republic Sölden like the back of her hands. Plus a photographer! We want to make the most of this beautiful sunny day and take some fabulous pictures of our E-bike tour.

We get three full suspension mountain bikes – rather bulky and sturdy vehicles, perfectly suitable also for Sölden’s Single Trails thanks to their huge spring deflection. The bikes weigh more or less 20 kilogram each.

After a quick introduction by a shop assistant we know everything about the most important functions. There are only 3 buttons to adjust the electric engine: on/off button, one button to increase engine power and one button to decrease it.

Becoming accustomed to the E-bike

We check the battery (fully charged!), then the right position of the saddle (done!), we rent a bicycle helmet (it fits!) and off we go. While we try to push our E-bikes outside, the shop assistant shows us another button on the handlebar: we press the button and the E-bike almost “walks” alone – what a luxury device!

Finally we start the tour. I am very excited on my first E-bike meters. Fortunately we bike along the level asphalt road for a couple of hundred meters. So we become accustomed to our E-bikes step by step.

Nebeneinander Richtung Windachtal - E-Bike Ötztal
© Lukas Ennemoser / Ötztal Tourismus

But one thing is for sure: there is no need to worry – the electric power provided by the engine makes a great pedaling support as soon as you move.

Heading towards Windachtal

Unterwegs im Windachtal - E-Bike Ötztal
© Lukas Ennemoser / Ötztal Tourismus

We decide to explore scenic Windachtal – a secluded side valley also known as Sölden’s Silent Part, followed by a visit to Kleble Alm. On the steep forest trail towards Windachtal the E-bike can show all its power. We increase the electric support, ranging from “Standard” and “Economy” to the highest level.

Biking uphill seems very easy, you don’t even notice the heavy weight of the E-bike. After a few minutes we have already conquered the first hundred altitude meters. Beads of sweat included. As the ascent seems quite easy to me I am pedaling at a much higher speed. I remember the vicious circle – in the positive sense.

Straight up to Kleble Alm

Alter Stadl auf Kleble Alm - E-Bike Ötztal
© Lukas Ennemoser / Ötztal Tourismus

On the way up to Windachtal, towards Fiegl’s Hütte, we have already taken a couple of magnificent pictures before we reach the cozy mountain hut of Kleble Alm at 2015 meters above sea level. The high Alpine plateau surrounding Kleble Alm offers picture-book views of Sölden and the huge ski area located opposite – as well as of the new “Harbe Line” flow trail close to Hochsölden.

At Kleble Alm you also find a stamp site of the Bike Republic Sölden. This is also the start of challenging “Kleble Alm Trail” down to Sölden, a demanding 2.2 km long track of intermediate difficulty, ideal for full suspension E-bikes. What’s more, in Sölden’s Silent Part there are no mountain lifts.

On our first day we bypass this challenging section by rolling down the gravel path. Great fun especially on E-bike fullies with wide wheels! Once arrived in Sölden, we urgently need a pizza before we head for the 1st section of the Ötztal Cycle Trail in the afternoon.

Pleasant biking along the Ötztal Cycle Trail

Entlang dem Ötztaler Radweg - E-Bike Ötztal
© Lukas Ennemoser / Ötztal Tourismus

Although the pizza sits heavily on my stomach I enjoy pedaling with electric support. The first section of the magnificent cycle path travels from Sölden to Aschbach, there is almost no change in elevation except some really short ascents.

A pleasant bike tour along the shores of Ötztaler Ache river, accompanied by a cool breeze. Two kayakers try their luck on the rushing mountain brook – a truly spectacular photo spot! A couple of breathtaking pictures later we return to Sölden happily.

A short check of our batteries: there is enough power left! So I give everything I can, and my E-bike does just the same. I try the highest power level, reaching Sölden at high speed but still in a relaxed position.

High-Five - E-Bike Ötztal
© Lukas Ennemoser / Ötztal Tourismus

My conclusion

E-biking is fun as hell! Incredible what we did in a single day. Despite of my electric support I must admit that I feel fairly exhausted and tired out at the end of the day.

I could never do without my normal mountain bike but I can well imagine that an E-bike has quite convincing advantages under certain circumstances. For example, if you attach a bike trailer for children to your mountain bike or if the ascent is really too steep for your leg muscles. Or if you want to reach high Alpine Single Trails swiftly in case there are no mountain lifts. And it wasn’t my last E-biking day, that’s for sure…


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(Cover image: © Lukas Ennemoser / Ötztal Tourismus)


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