7 Memorable Adventures for Young Visitors to the WIDIVERSUM

WIDI, the cheeky little mountain sheep, has always known it: There is nothing more boring than boredom! No worries, the young adventurers will find huge attractions in the Hochoetz Pasturelands. Searching for the lost Mountain Crystal – how can they find the glittering gemstone in the big WIDIVERSUM? Thanks to genius, physical skills and 7 tremendously good reasons all kids will reach the goal.


Spaß mit WIDI im Widiversum - Widiversum
A fun-packed river raft with WIDI: water fun and unlimited action in the Splash-Splash Pond © Emanuel Kaser / Ötztal Tourismus

Is there something better than holidays? Yes, of course: making new friends! The choice is all yours at the splendid WIDIVERSUM Adventure Land where young holiday makers get together and spend unforgettable hours with loads of fun. Be it playing, climbing, bouldering or just romping around, even the shiest kids will make new friends in almost no time. What’s best, they’ll find five friends at a stroke by playing with WIDI, the lovely mountain sheep, and his little companions – the Mole, the Trout, the Jackdaw and the Squirrel.


Überblick Widiversum - Widiversum
The WIDIVERSUM of Hochoetz offers 17 activity stations including 7 quizzes © Ewald Schmid / Ötztal Tourismus

Fresh air makes smart, fresh mountain air makes even smarter! The fabulous WIDIVERSUM Adventure Land nestles between the majestic mountain peaks at 2020 m above sea level. Therefore little adventurers can solve the tricky riddles quickly. What is the problem? WIDI, the little mountain sheep, is in desperate need of help. The big bad wolf has stolen the Magic Crystal. Where is it now? Curious WIDIVERSUM fans will find out soon thanks to the heavenly mountain air!


Rätselspaß für Kinder im Widiversum - Widiversum
Where does the speedy ball go? © Bergbahnen Hochoetz

Open your eyes and ears, indulge in this adventure with all senses! WIDI and his little friends have loads of useful tips hidden in the 17 adventurous activity stations. Young walkers, climbers and quiz champions with hawk’s eyes can collect seven letters and compose the answer – which leads to the Magic Crystal!


Widi und Kinder laufen um die Wette - Widiversum
Who is best at the Giant Pinball? © Emanuel Kaser / Ötztal Tourismus

Let’s play together and not alone! As we are passionate team players we love to play together. This year we have a new activity station waiting for WIDIVERSUM visitors of all ages. Provided that they play in teams at the Giant Pinball – where more than just two hands are required to solve the riddle!


Milchkannenxylophon im Widiversum - Widiversum
The youngest guests give the beat at the Milk Jug Xylophone! © Bergbahnen Hochoetz

Butterflies in your stomach but also a strengthening exercise for your stomach muscles: there is always something to laugh about for little sporting aces conquering the WIDIVERSUM activity stations. Can you ride on the rocking rodeo sheep? Who is best at playing the Milk Jug Xylophone? Where is the quicksand and mood master? Climbing, sliding and romping around are the order of the day. He who laughs last, laughs loudest, haha!


Kinder im Wollspielwald - Widiversum
Trapped in the Woolen Play Forest? Certainly not! © Emanuel Kaser / Ötztal Tourismus

A strangely formed mountain, a funny dialect, a meal you never had before? Young guests learn many interesting facts about the valley, its inhabitants and the surrounding mountains. WIDI and his friends at the WIDIVERSUM have heaps of news and attractions to offer: Playing and doing exercises in the Woolen Play Forest while learning plenty of things about Tirolean sheep wool? Conquering the Enchanted Ravine while exploring the magnificent Ötztal mountains? Playing some tunes on the Hornophone while listening to Ötztal’s dialect? Hello and welcome – everyone is invited to join in!


Familie am Tisch im Widiversum - Widiversum
Even adventurers and explorers need a break now and then © Emanuel Kaser / Ötztal Tourismus

Well done! Finally WIDI and his companions are again in possess of the Mountain Crystal – so let’s celebrate together. And eat. All the young WIDIVERSUM heroes are hungry like a horse and enjoy a stop at the new WIDI Bistro together with their parents. Snacks, food and drinks for all preferences are provided after entertaining hours in the outdoors. Fancy an ice cream?

(Cover image: © Emanuel Kaser / Ötztal Tourismus)


A guide to Endless Adventures

  • Read HERE: little explorers get to know everything on the fun-packed WIDIVERSUM
  • Listen HERE: thrilling adventures with WIDI and his friends even before you travel to Ötztal (in German)
  • Getting here: take the Acherkogel mountain gondola to the top station – operating hours 03.06.2017 – 15.10.2017, daily from 9.00 am through 4.30 pm
  • Come in: free admission to the WIDIVERSUM for holders of a valid gondola ticket, Ötztal Card, Ötztal Premium Card or Tirol Regio Card. Acherkogel gondola family tickets cost only € 36 (uphill and downhill gondola ride for two adults and one child up to 15 years)
  • Celebrate: don’t miss this highlight on 02 July 2017 – great Family Festival at the WIDIVERSUM HOCHOETZ
  • New in summer 2017: a new activity is added to the WIDIVERSUM – a surprising Pinball Station…
Gastautorin Jasmin Kreulitsch - Widiversum
© Jasmin Kreulitsch

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